The London Football Network is now looking for a Sponsor

We are looking for a sponsor for our newly formed Football Team

As a sponsor, you will enjoy the following benefits

*You will have your logo on our website and a link to your site

*You will have your logo on our shirts.

* We will advertise any special offers you have to our 1500 strong & growing Facebook page

We will actively promote your product / service to the people who use our services and include any offers you may have in our monthly newsletters. This is an ideal opportunity, for a business in London, to attract local customers to their brand. We have 100-150 visits per day to our website, from people all around London and South London. We are a growing network, that not only has a football team, but a strong 2000+ community of Londoners, who play casual football with us. We are FA affiliated and are an FA delivery partner for local football in the community.

In return for the above, we need from a sponsor to:

Donate 22 football tops - with your Logo
£175a month to cover basic expenses for our football team. This partially will cover coaching costs, admin, washing of kits and equipment.

PLEASE EMAIL: - for more information.