Please check which team you are on and when you arrive kindly pick up a bib that corresponds to your position.


DEF: Defender MID or FREE ROLE : Midfield STR: Striker

So if you are a defender, please pick up a bib with DEF on the back.


Position Name
Free Role HARRY L
Left Defender Tom Roscoe
Right Defender Greg Smith
Centre Defender C ROSE
Left Midfield C COOPER
Right Midfield Adam O Brien
Center Midfield Left N TAFRAOUTI
Center Midfield Right SIMON D
Striker 1 Danyell Luv
Striker 2 DJ


Position Name
Free Role A RITSON
Left Defender Kamil Nowak
Right Defender Jack
Centre Defender Anthony
Left Midfield Nick Jehan
Right Midfield Eric
Center Midfield Left Sam Gibbon
Center Midfield Right Thom Davis
Striker 1 Richard davis
Striker 2 S.Da Costa