Are you NEW TO LONDON?  Welcome to the leading 11 aside football network in London. We have teams for all abilities. If you are looking for league 11 aside football, you are at the right place. WE HAVE TEAMS IN HIGHER, MEDIUM AND LOWER LEVEL LEAGUES. JOIN OUR CLUB TODAY!  


"Just recently joined - used to play for a sunday football team, this allows me the flexibility to play when I want, at my own pace. Im over 30 so its important for me to keep active. I really enjoy playing football and I have made so many friends here! "

"Really well organised, I was looking for football clubs near me looking for players. SLFN solved that issue straight away, and I was able to start playing a few days later. "

"Was looking to get back into football, I tried to run my own 5 aside team, but the local leagues just fell apart and people around me could not commit everyweek, so it got really frustrating. Got some friends in London and ever since we joined casual football in South London we've been enjoying regular games without the stress of organising a team."

"Really convenient for me, tried to look for some soccer teams in London and found these guys, I play once a week and I really enjoy it! Will try to play more in the summer, but work is really busy at the moment!"

"This beats going to the gym hands down! Great idea, I get to play football when I want. Thanks to casual football I now have a new circle of friends and get to meet new people all the time. I have a choice to play 5 a side on astro turf or 11 aside on grass. I choose to vary it to keep things interesting."

"It's really good. I really love playing football and I play 3 or 4 times a week. Nice bunch of lads. I get to play in whichever position I want as the organisers are very flexible. Its all good fun! If you are looking to join a South London football team, The South London football Network is the first place to start."

"Working in the city can get very stressful sometimes, SLFN gives me the opportunity to play football when I want, meet new people and go on trips to Europe. Slovakia, Slovenia, Holland and Croatia to name but a few. I have met some really good people and look forward to meeting many more. "

"Used to play so much when I was young, at the moment I got so many work commitments, I can only play sundays. But when I do, I give it everything. It's good fitness. Overall, very well organised and a super bunch of lads!"

"I play 2 or 3 times a week. Im looking forward to traveling to the european tournaments you guys organise. I have always wanted to play in europe, even if its only amateur level. Your doing a great job, because I had to join to play a team before and play every-week, but I'm not the kind of person who can commit, so this is perfect for me!"

"I'm not the best footballer in the world, but I still love playing football. The guys at Casual Football were very welcoming. My past experiences playing football were really bad, as whenever I made a mistake, I could hear people shouting and screaming, there is none of that here so Im here to stay! The social side of it is fantastic too. The curry nights in Tooting, the pub crawls in Wimbeldon, and of-course the european trips, football and booze, what more can I possibly want!"

We cover Football in South London & aim to cover more areas soon.

Football in Tooting, football in Tooting Bec, football in Clapham, football in Southfields, football in Earlsfield, football in Wandsworth, football in Mitcham, football in Croydon, football in Norbury. Whether you call it soccer or football just come down and check us out. Make new friends, and attend our social events.

Areas & Topics we cover. Email if you want to discuss further.

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