Please check which team you are on and when you arrive kindly pick up a bib that corresponds to your position.


DEF: Defender MID or FREE ROLE : Midfield STR: Striker

So if you are a defender, please pick up a bib with DEF on the back.


Position Name
Free Role Karl stanley
Left Defender Ashley Briggs
Right Defender Rupert Taylor
Centre Defender ALEX T
Left Midfield Jonny Sedler
Right Midfield R FISHER
Center Midfield Left SAM WALSH
Center Midfield Right Jacob
Striker 1 Conor McCaffrey
Striker 2 Adam O Brien


Position Name
Free Role Antonio
Left Defender Jorge
Right Defender David Beard
Centre Defender Mark Elms
Left Midfield Aaron Attwood
Right Midfield Caspar Giffard Tutt
Center Midfield Left Ben King
Center Midfield Right Durrant
Striker 1 kemal handan
Striker 2 Kaai Galligan